Prospera Place Arena Conversion

This video is a time lapse depicting the conversion of Prospera Place from a hockey arena into a concert venue the night before a show. The video condenses four hours of work into a 1 1/2 minute video to give you an idea of what goes on behind the scenes during the arena conversion.


Prospera Place - Behind the Scenes

This video shows a behind the scenes look at the conversion of Prospera Place from a hockey arena to a concert venue. The video is introduced and narrated by Dan Fogerty, Operations Manager at Prospera Place. Throughout the video you will see all of the steps that the conversion crew takes; from covering the ice, to removing the glass, to setting up the stage.



The Making of Prospera Place

Below we have a series of photos which depict the process of building Prospera Place (which began as Skyreach Place). These photos show you the bare-bone beginnings of the lot that was transformed into the event centre that it is today. Behind the building you can see the beautiful mountains and trees that surround Kelowna.