AUGUST 9, 10, & 11, 2019


Rock The Lake, Power 104, and Beach Radio are excited to announce that the classic rock festival will be returning in 2019 on the weekend of August 9th to 11th.

Advance ticket purchase is over! Stay tuned later this fall for line up announcement and on sale.

4 Reasons you should Rock The Lake

Article by: KelownaNow

1.The Lineup

This isn’t your average festival, you won’t see pop stars or DJ’s bouncing around the stage. You’ll see some of the best classic rockers, who’s guitar ridden tunes have been the soundtrack to the youth of many, strutting their stuff in the same leather pants they wore in the 80s and sounding just as great.

Rock The Lake is known for delivering when it comes to a stellar lineup of pure Canadian Classic Rock, but this year they are amping things up by bringing in some acts from across the pond. Not only that, but much like Rock as a genre, RTL is diverse, mixing a little bit of Folk Rock, Hard Rock, Glam Rock and everything in between into the lineup.

2018 lineup included:

  • Randy Bachman

  • Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts

  • Men Without Hats

  • Ian Thomas

  • Glass Tiger

  • Northern Pikes

  • The Stampeders

  • Doug & the Slugs

  • Nazareth

  • Little River Band

  • Sweet

2. The People

One of the best parts of any show is being around people who seem to just “get” you.

People who have the same love and passion for the music you do, and the people who get equally as psyched when the first note of their favourite song rings out.

Part of what makes Rock the Lake what it is, is the crowd of thousands of like-minded rock lovers who just want to have a good time listening to good tunes.

The kind of people you can turn to during a thundering drum solo and just stare at each other in awe, knowing full well your minds are both being blown in unison.

People who will offer you some sunblock or water if you look like you’ve been rocking out too hard in the sunshine — and the same people who will cheers you, put their arm around you in a downpour and belt out the lyrics to “Go For A Soda” by Kim Mitchell.

The above-mentioned scenario actually happened at Rock the Lake, and yes it was just as magical as it sounds. Convinced yet? I think so, but i’ll carry on just in case.

3. The Location


It may be a parking lot, but Woodstock was just a field. In all seriousness, the site of Rock The Lake is perfect. Humble and modest, RTL doesn’t rely on giant art installations or Ferris wheels to make things interesting. It lets the music do the talking.

With room to bring your own lawn chair to sit and vibe out, a place to get a little rowdy and push your way to the stage, there is a spot for every type of concert-goer.

Festival essentials like food, water, shade, washrooms and beer are never far away. Food Trucks are nestled in the back corner, with beverage gardens across on the other side and access into the much cooler and shadier Prospera Place is always an option.

The best part? It’s family-friendly! Bring the kids and prop them on your shoulders so they too can become infatuated by the hypnotic qualities of rock and roll. We’ve even seen one or two grandmas rockin’ out with their horns raised.

4. The memories you’ll make

If an outdoor festival, filled with amazing people, set to some of the most legendary music out there isn’t the combination for a memorable occasion, then I don’t know what is!

Whether it’s a mind-warping guitar solo, hearing one of your all-time favourite songs live, reminiscing about your adolescent tracks from your old mixtapes, or the personal connection you shared with a crowd of thousands — Rock The Lake is more than just a place to let loose and rock out, it’s a place you’ll look back on and recount as one of the best weekends of your summer.

If you’re convinced and ready to rock, tickets are available through Select Your Tickets.

Corporate Sponsors

Your premium VIP experience not only includes your admission to the festival for all three days of rock heaven, but also gets you exclusive access to the VIP Tent where you will be treated like one of the stars. Private beverage service, complimentary non-alcoholic drinks and pre-show appetizers with the bands between sets is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your VIP Rock the Lake experience.